September 18, 2021


An Invitation to Turn Within

The Autumnal Equinox recognizes the symmetry between light and darkness, as Mother Nature brings us into equilibrium between both day and night. As the Earth progresses along its orbit, passing through a balance point, its axis begins to lean away from the sun in the Northern Hemisphere. This waning sunlight initiates a palpable shift in our terrestrial environment as the sweetness of summer begins to fade and the top half of our planet retreats from the heat of the sun.

And because humans are a reflection of the environment that surrounds us, what takes place outside of us also takes place within us. This time is a call to turn our attention inward for the slower, darker, and colder months to come. In this time of universal balance, where can you hold gratitude in your heart for the life lessons that have helped you grow, and let go of everything else?

We invite you to join us for this time of Soul-harvest, through the practices of Kundalini Yoga, meditation, chanting, and community. Celebrate the shift in the season by harvesting your inner fruits of awareness and finding gratitude for the seeds that you have both reaped and sown. May your inner and outer harvest be bountiful!

What You'll Experience
During the eEquinox

Live Morning Sadhana

Join us for LIVE morning sadhana - the recitation of Japji, a short yoga set, and chanting the Aquarian Sadhana mantras.

If you have never participated in the Aquarian Sadhana, we think you'll love it! We offer a free downloadable resource to explain how to practice and participate so you won't feel left out.

Live Classes

The eEquinox provides you with two class opportunities - one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Can't join us live? The content will be available to registered attendees for 2-months after the live event. This eEquinox also includes a dynamic lunchtime discussion for Kundalini Yoga teachers. Join IKYTA and connect with your fellow teachers.

Evening Program

Gather together in the cozy evening hours for an uplifting experience of sacred chant. More information coming soon! 


4:00am-6:30am - Aquarian Sadhana with Anand Kirtan

8:00am - Morning Class - Shama Kaur

12:00pm - Lunchtime Teacher's Discussion with IKYTA

3:00pm - Afternoon Class with Guru Singh

6:00pm - Evening Sacred Chant - GuruGanesha Singh

While we recognize people are tuning in from all over the world in different time zones, we will be sharing our LIVE content set to Mountain Daylight Time. Find your local time here.

Your Teachers

Guru Singh

Afternoon Class:
The Power of Equality


Evening Concert

Anand Kirtan

Aquarian Sadhana

Shama Kaur

Morning Class:
Strong as Steel, Steady as Stone


Lunchtime Discussion: Teaching in Challenging Times

Emergency Support for Afghan Women

The eEquinox is a donation-based offering to our community. This year 10% of all eEquinox donations will go towards supporting Women for Women International - a nonprofit humanitarian organization that provides support to female survivors of war and is currently collecting donations to help women in Afghanistan.

For more information on Women for Women’s response in Afghanistan,
please visit their website